U.S. Patent No. 6,932,124 and U.S. Patent No. 7,104,291

About Us
Ice House USA, Inc. founded in 2003, owns and operates automated ice vending kiosks on the west coast of Florida. Open 24 hours, the machines produce, bag, and vend a 16lb bag of ice. We also offer 20lbs of bulk ice, which consumers can dispense directly into their coolers through a chute, for the same price as the bagged ice. Customers simply insert their dollar bills or coins into the machine, which then dispenses fresh ice. Because there is no distribution expense and very few employees, we are able to offer our ice at half the price of traditional convenience and grocery stores..

Corporate Vision: "To become the leader in retail ice sales on the West Coast of Florida."

Corporate Mission: "To be the low cost provider of retail ice while maximizing product quality and convenience to the customer, increasing returns to company shareholders."

With our headquarters in Tampa Bay and kiosks popping up across our territory, we look forward to serving you. Come visit us at a location near you.