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Real Estate

Lease Us Your Land!

We have a very unique opportunity for you to get involved with our company. Because we are steadily expanding throughout our territory we are constantly looking for new locations for our kiosks. If you own a shopping center or property with pre-existing pavement that is on major frontage, has good visibility, and is in a densely populated area, we would be interested in leasing from you.

Please fill out the real estate contact form for more information and lease rates in your area. We take up the equivalent of only two parking spaces, and bring in over 100 customers a day, which provides a steady sense of commerce to older shopping centers. Other tenants appreciate the synergistic business opportunities, especially those that sell drinks and food that will be placed in our ice!

Properties that work well with ice houses include: Shopping Centers, Marinas, Gas Stations with ample parking, Abandoned parking lots, Car Washes with ample space, and Old gas station sites that have been remediated.

Lead us in the direction of a New Location!

Brokers and friends of owners - if you think that an ice house would work well on a friend or client's property, by referring us, you could make them some extra income while you make some for yourself as well. If we sign a lease with a property owner that you lead us to, we will pay you a finder's fee equal to the first month's rent which is typically around $500.00!