U.S. Patent No. 6,932,124 and U.S. Patent No. 7,104,291

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this thing work?

Our "Twice the Ice" vending kiosks are completely automated and self-contained, with an 8'x 24' footprint. The machine produces, bags, and vends a 16lb bag of ice. We also offer 20lbs of bulk ice, which consumers can dispense directly into their coolers through a chute, for the same price as the bagged ice. Customers simply insert their dollar bills or coins into the machine, which then dispenses fresh ice.

1) Find the location nearest you - if you want bulk ice, don't forget to bring your cooler. If you want bags, don't worry, the machine bags it for you!
2) Insert correct amount into the machine and press the bag button for a 16 lb bag, or the bulk button if you want 20lbs into your cooler.
3) If you choose bag, simply grab a twist tie from the rack above the bag chute and twist close your bag. If you choose bulk, place your cooler underneath the bulk chute. When you hear the ice dispensed, pull the lever and your ice will fall into the cooler.

Who's making the Ice?

While we've been accused of housing gnomes and penguins in the back of our ice houses laboriously bagging ice, everything is in fact quite automated. An ice maker on the top of the kiosk produces ice as needed and the ice moves forward through the house using a series of rakes and augers. The ice is then weighed and either bagged or dispensed directly into your cooler. You are getting fresh ice and won't have to worry about having to smash your bagged ice on the ground to separate the cubes like you do when you go to the inconvenience store.

How can I get involved with Ice House USA?